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Do we want to solve issues or create havoc ?

Wednesday 13 June 2007, by Ilnur Cevik

The recent events show that there is a systematic campaign in Turkey by certain circles to create more enmity towards the Iraqi Kurds and strengthen the belief that a cross border operation into northern Iraq is essential.

So it seems the issue is not just to finish off the PKK which is operating its terrorist bases in the northern Iraqi mountains but the idea is really to hit at the heart of the Iraqi Kurdish administration to dissuade them from self rule…

For several years Turkey has been complaining that the PKK is operating out of its terrorist camps in northern Iraq and thus has to be stopped.

The Barzani administration have joined forces with Turkish soldiers to drive out the PKK form the Kandil Mountains but have failed in the past decade.

The Iraqi Kurds are saying they agree that the PKK remains a nuisance but any new fight against it will be a waste of time and thus another solution is needed. Turkey says Iraq’s occupation force led by the Americans as well as Baghdad has to deal with the issue of getting rid of the PKK. Ankara simply does not even mention the Iraqi Kurds because it refuses to recognize their Kurdistan Region of Iraq and its administration the Kurdistan Regional Government…

But in the end everyone knows that it is the Iraqi Kurds who will have to directly deal with this issue and cooperate with Turkey on what has to be done.

So Turkey threatens a cross border operation to “finish off” the PKK now that the Iraqis and the Americans are not really prepared to deal with these terrorists.

But the statements that have started coming out of the military in the past few days shows that there is a greater target than the PKK in the minds of the General Staff. They actually want to put an end to Iraqi Kurdish self rule.

So while General Buyukanit says the government has to set political targets for a cross border operation he says this should not be limited to PKK and says “what do we do about (Massoud) Barzani.”

So the leader of the Kurds is a target for him… Then you have the incident involving Turkish soldiers at a peshmerga checkpoint. The reaction to a relatively small incident in Sulaimania which is frequently experienced by many people at checkpoints all over the Kurdish region whether they are Kurdish or Turkish has been blown out of proportion so much so that the Armed Forces has threatened to punish any mistreatment of our soldiers by the Kurds.

So someone is trying to escalate the tensions…

The Turkish government, meanwhile, has seen this new game and the traps that it could entail. It seems they just sit on the sidelines.

The Iraqi Kurds have also realized that a strange campaign is underway and are vigilant. Iraqi Kurdish leaders do not want to escalate tensions with Turkey and will remain subdued not to open a new phase of war of words with Ankara.

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Source : 04 June 2007, TDN

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